Art has many facets and components but above all art is a means of self-expression.  

"Through creative art work, more than any other work, children develop self-awareness.  They do this by exploring materials and by extending their personalities throughout the materials into visual and concrete products . . . Even their scribbles are extensions of themselves." (Barnett, Let the Sunshine Out)

Dr. Montessori believed the way to help children express themselves in drawing and representative art was to provide them with opportunities to develop the use of their hands.  Once the child's hand is trained to be at the disposal of the mind then freedom of expression in art follows.  

Children in our program explore a variety of art materials including free drawing, working with clay, pin-punching, painting, cutting and pasting, and collage work.  Children may choose these activities in keeping with their interests and abilities.  Our art instructor plans art activities to introduce children to new mediums.  The children become acquainted with various famous artists and their paintings.  The children's art experiences culminate in the creation of scenery and puppets for a play during their third year.